Elephant Diaries: Checking in on the Comics

Kelsey Atherton pokes at the newspaper elephant from the vantage point of the comics page:

Then, in 2007, webcomic Diesel Sweeties actually made the jump. The creator opted to create a separate print version, so as to keep his main comic and main revenue stream separate from the confines of print. Read that sentence again. This guy, who’s job primarily (though certainly not exclusively) consists of making a comic and putting it online, was making more from that than he was going to make from the previous holy-grail of webcartoonists, syndication. And in late 2008, he canceled his print comic. Too much work, his primary income was suffering, he was actually losing money, and it just wasn’t worth it to him. That club which Scotty had been kept out of four years prior? Totally not cool anymore.