Gas Dropoff Thingie Has Legs

In today’s edition of Ask Inskstain, reader Scot wonders:

Have we got updated U.S. gasoline figures to see if the $4.00/gallon dropoff, uh…thingie, continues to have legs?

Great question, Scot!

Gasoline Consumption

Gasoline Consumption

Gasoline consumption in the United States continues to lag.

As for the other gas thingie, the post-July decline in gas prices is finally over:

Gas Prices

Gas Prices

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  1. Excellent! This economy is doing more for the environment than Kyoto, Al Gore and Earth First! combined. And I like(d) all three of those people/places/things.

    Well, until you post another cheap coal usage up 85% with a coal-to-liquids kicker story.

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