1. I don’t know what’s more sad, reading of the final nail in the RMN coffin or reading some of the comments to the linked story. These “liberal” conspiracy theorist types make one wonder if perhaps evolutionary biology needs to speed things up a bit.

    P.S.: Can the P-I be far behind? Exactly how far?

  2. The GF’s late father ran the printing press at the Rocky, so we get it at the house. I thought it was a sloppy, poorly thought-thru paper that was saved by the powerful features writing.

    The fact that they printed a roster of staff today but didn’t include the back-office people and field staff is an indicator of the overall quality of the paper.

    That said, two newspaper towns IME are better informed. Whether a lot of folk care about being well-informed is another issue, but something has to be done to stop the dumbing-down, and newspapers are a good way to begin.



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