Stuff I Said Elsewhere

From the department of shameless self promotion, if you’re in the Albuquerque area you should block out some time this evening around 7 p.m.-ish to watch In Focus on KNME, public telly channel 5, where I will be trying to explain brackish groundwater issues.

Then watch this space tomorrow, as I try to walk back all the things I said that came out sounding really dumb.


  1. You should write your Saturday post in the third person, sort of a rebuttal.

    “Mr. Fleck addressed the issue of brackish groundwater, and boy did he get it wrong. Here’s how.”

  2. Do they not like you or something? Scheduling you on the same night as Streetlight Manifesto AND Andrew Bird?

    “Man, I’m sick of those phone calls from angry ska kids. And lesbians. Let’s schedule him this Friday, then none of them will watch it.”

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