We’re number 1!

Theme, title and all subsequent material stolen from William Connolley, who notes that George Will has helped launched our BAMS paper on the 1970s global cooling myth to the top of the charts. More interesting, however, is William’s analysis of what draws readers to the strange and wonky world of American Meteorological Society journals:

Conclusion: the current AMS download list reflects what the general public is interested in more than what professional met. folk are reading. Which I suppose might be good – if the public are actually reading any of the content they download.


  1. Totally unrelated – I’m sitting in my office reading a new paper in Geology about an active magma body under Socorro. If I get through it soon, I may blog about it. But if I don’t, New Mexicans might be interested:

    Noah J. Finnegan and Matthew E. Pritchard, Magnitude and duration of surface uplift above the Socorro magma body, Geology 2009;37;231-234 doi:10.1130/G25132A.1.

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