1. It looks to me like the two guys tied, which is good because that way they both get to celebrate.

    Or am I missing something?

    In fact, I think it’s great that all those riders finished what looked to be about 7 hours of bike riding (if I read the graphics correctly). Aren’t they all, in fact, winners?

    More to the point, I think I’m more of a mountain stage kinda guy. Semi-arbitrary white “finish” line snapshots and .000007 cm victories can’t compete with a wobbly wheel near-death, “get me off bike so I can throw up” climbing stage.

  2. My favorite in this regard is Paris-Roubaix, where after all that punishment, you finish on the velodrome in the little town of Roubaix. So if they arrive in a group, you’ve got this aching, dog-tired cyclists trying to carry out a pathetic version of a track race for the finish.

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