I have the opportunity to visit the old European city of Stockholm later this month for an interesting workshop (more on this later) and I’ve managed to build in a few extra days to play. Any suggestions on things to see?


  1. The archipelago is really nice this time of year.

    I’ll get back to you on this when I have more time (workday has just started in Sweden).

  2. I was in Sweden once in my life (I was playing in a soccer tournament) and only remember that there were many pretty blonde girls. Granted, I was only 14, but that’s the only thing I remember, sorry.

  3. The city is beautiful…parks, water, bridges, amazing architecture. You could do nothing but wander for a few days and you would love it. Here are a few standout memories from a visit in August ’07:

    • Take the ferry out to Drottningholm Palace, the residence of the Swedish royal family. The gardens are amazing and the palace itself is stunning. Be sure not to miss the Chinese Pavilion, a separate smaller palace that sits on the property.

    • Spend an afternoon or longer on Djurgarden, an island park in the middle of “downtown” Stockholm. It is home to several museums, a small amusement park, and is a beautiful and peaceful place.

    • Visit the Vasa Museum, which contains a 16th century warship that sank in Stockholm harbor on its maiden voyage. The entire ship was raised in the 60s or 70s and then restored, and this dedicated museum was built around the ship. It was unlike any museum I’ve ever seen and well worth a few hours.

  4. Second the Kungstragaarden. The architecture and urban form near the water is very nice as well. Best seen on bike, of course (but I didn’t need to state that, did I? ;o) ).



  5. The water, definitely. I was there in December, so it wasn’t quite as appealing as it will be in June.

    The city hall is amazing, and is where the Nobel banquet is held.

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