Little Victories

I just got a new cell phone. When I unplugged it after its first charge, the phone’s screen displayed a message reminding me to unplug the charger to save energy when not in use.



  1. Great of course, and I totally recommend unplugging all appliances that are not in use.

    But …

    Isn’t the focus on mobile phone chargers a teeny weeny bit absurd …?

  2. Anders –

    You’re right that mobile phone chargers are a tiny part of overall electricity consumption, but unused electronics in general are significant. Good to see at least one of them, gifted with the ability to talk back to us, actually communicate with me about its energy consumption.

  3. ok, seriously, that’s cool and all, but it’s worth about 0.00001% of your total household energy use. now, how about something reminding you to buy a smart strip for your TV/cable setup and intelligent energy management for your HVAC and refrigerator? then I’d be really impressed. 😎

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