Waxman-Markey Horse Trading, a Case Study

My Albuquerque Journal colleague Mike Coleman has a nice example in today’s paper (might be behind paywall, a bit of a crapshoot there) of the horse trading now underway in an attempt to win passage of the Waxman-Markey climate bill:

Rep. Harry Teague, a southern New Mexico Democrat, this week persuaded the authors of a sweeping, national climate-change bill to include language protecting small refiners and electric co-ops from some costs associated with the legislation.
Rep. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat and a lead sponsor of the bill, confirmed Wednesday that Teague’s amendments — opposed by some Democrats and large refiners — would be a part of the climate change package scheduled for a House vote Friday.
Inclusion of the amendments in the bill before the floor debate dramatically increases their chance of surviving and becoming law.
“Harry Teague was concerned about the impact this bill would have on small refiners, and we made an adjustment in the legislation,” Markey said in response to a question from the Journal at a Capitol Hill news conference. “As a result, I think Harry is looking very favorably on the bill.”