$1,000 an acre foot

I’m always intrigued at the chance to see the price of a water transaction in the West. Usually it’s hidden, but a transaction being discussed among some Colorado River Communities offers this glimpse. From Jim Seckler’s story in the Mohave Daily News:

George said the plan would be for the MCWA to keep 500-acre feet of water for industrial use and sell 1,000 acre feet to Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and the MVIDD, who would each pay $1,000 per acre feet or $1 million for the water.


  1. Didn’t explain well. This is a “price” in a willing buyer, willing seller sort of transaction. Ag generally pays fixed (and highly subsidized) amount for their water.

  2. Couple of points here:

    1. All AG water in Mohave County drawn from the river has been for irrigation in Ft Mohave area is for the tribe (Indian water) or for farmers that sub lease land from the tribe. Not all water drawn by the tribe is used for irrigation, The Mohave tribe also uses water for a power plant (South Point) from Colorado river water. That being said – now on to point #2.

    2. People cited in the article. Buster Johnson (county supervisor – Lake Havasu City), Ron Gould (state senator – Lake Havasu City) are both pro development. In the case of Mohave County, development means to build another power plant. (Remember, the South Cal Edison in Laughlin closed several years back and there is still the need for the power generation). The other interesting person mentioned here is Maureen George, attorney for MCWA. She use to be the attorney that represented Lake Havasu City for water related matters. She got fired from Lake Havasu City several years back. Now with MCWA.

    Water does follow money.


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