Limbaugh, Revkin and the Blues

I wasn’t sure what additionally needed to be said about Rush Limbaugh’s shameful attack on Andy Revkin the other day, in which he suggested the New York Times reporter might help the planet by committing suicide. (Charlie Petit has a nice rundown on the various things being said about it.)

But I thought the issue noteworthy as an example of he poisonous atmosphere surrounding the media-politics-policy-science interface on the issues Andy covers. So I downloaded David Folkenflik’s excellent NPR piece onto my laptop yesterday to play for a UNM class I was speaking to.

I noticed this morning on the laptop that iTunes had categorized David’s piece as belonging to the musical genre “Blues”. That seems somehow appropriate.


  1. Andy has been attacked by both Joe Romm and Rush Limbaugh. He must be doing something right!

    Attacking is much easier than thinking.

    One of Andy’s problems appears to be that he admits that he makes mistakes. Romm and Limbaugh never admit mistakes.

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