Stuff I Wrote Elsewhere: ABQ Water Consumption Declining

Albuquerque’s per capita water consumption continues to drop (sub/ad req):

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority customers used an average of 159 gallons per capita per day in 2009, down from 252 gallons in 1994, when the community’s water conservation efforts began, according to Katherine Yuhas, head of the utility’s water conservation program.

Yuhas and Albuquerque’s conservation efforts are featured in the April issue of National Geographic as an example of a successful program to reduce water consumption.

For the National Geographic article featuring Yuhas, start here.


  1. What about total consumption for the city? Since 1994? Has that dropped? That would be even better news (or an even better follow-up story, no?). epp

  2. Thank you for the topic, and thank you for the pointer to “the mysterious and terrific California water blogger On The Public Record”
    — one more regular read for me for sure.

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