Franz Kafka International

When I told my friend Page, a veteran of European travel, that I had a connecting flight through Prague on my return to the states, she sent me a link to the Onion’s piece about Franz Kafka International being named “World’s Most Alienating Airport“.

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments sign, Prague, July 3, 2010

I couldn’t help but think about it as I waited patiently at the Czech Air counter while they tried to rebook me onto a later flight after completing bollixing my connection.

And then, after that failed, as I waited for them to find my luggage so I could stay overnight and try again tomorrow to get home. But really, there are worse things in life than being stuck in Prague with the airline picking up the hotel bill. What a gorgeous city. Albeit with a certain self-aware melancholy. What other city has a Franz Kafka Museum and a Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments?