River Beat: Alligators

I report without comment reports of alligators in the Colorado River (Palisade is in western Colorado, just upstream from Grand Junction):

Wednesday, a group of kids playing near the water at Riverbend Park raised the alarm when they say they spotted an alligator on the bank. They say their parents didn’t believe them, but a bystander did.

“Everybody thought we were crazy. These ladies said we must be blind or seeing things. But this guy saw it too and he saw it go into the water. And he was trying to tell everyone we weren’t being crazy. We really did see it,” says Josie Brumfield.

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  1. John,

    Your best source of information about exotic species on the Colorado would be the local US Fish & Wildlife FWS Biologist. FWS has several refuges on the river and their guys see a lot of strange things.


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