River Beat: Imperial Dam circa 1938

update: An eagle-eyed friend points out that when I grabbed this from the original PowerPoint slide, I clipped off the X and Y axis legends. That’s time on the X axis – 1920ish to 2006, and millions of acre feet on the Y axis.


‘Cause I love the old pictures, and since it came up in the comments. From the Calisphere archives, Imperial Dam, the beginning of the end of the Colorado River, under construction, circa 1938:

Imperial Dam, 1938, via Calisphere

Imperial Dam, 1938, via Calisphere

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  1. Nice photo. Thanks.

    You may have seen it, but a guy in CA bought a bunch of glass plate photos in the 1940’s. He liked the photos because they included Yosemite. He bought the plates at a garage sale for $45.

    Last week, authentication on the plates was complete.

    They are original Ansel Adams plates that were thought to be burned in a fire in 1937.

    The set of plates is now worth in excess of $200,000,000.

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