Stuff I Wrote Elsewhere: The Birds

From the morning paper, an invite to one of New Mexico’s treasures – the Bosque del Apache (sub/ad req):

Come for the sandhill cranes and the grand clouds of snow geese. Stay for the coyote, or possibly the American pipit.

The big gray cranes and waves of geese are the marquee attraction at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife refuge — its charismatic megafauna, if you will.

To see the geese take flight by the thousands is awe-inspiring, said Albuquerque bird-watcher John Arnold.

“That is spectacular, and that really speaks to people,” Arnold said.

But there is a quiet side that draws Arnold back each November. It is his birthday tradition to spend a day at the Bosque del Apache, seeing how many different species of birds he can identify.

Also, check out Marla Brose’s terrific pictures.