What I did on my spring vacation

What I did on my spring vacation:

Backyard Train, May 2011

Backyard Train, May 2011

  • Lissa and I got the backyard train running (track needed a bit of post-winter sprucing up)
  • We rode the big people train to Santa Fe
  • I got new glasses
  • We got far more work done to the car than I expected
  • Slept in some, but got up early some too
  • I became more confused, not less, about the California Bay Delta Conservation Plan. (This is a good thing. Exposing and sorting out confusion leads to insight. More to follow.)
  • Did a ton of birdwatching. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but the spring migration is running full throttle, and did I mention that I got new glasses? Last night at the bosque ponds near Tingley Beach, new glasses perched on the bridge of my nose, the trees were alive with black-headed grosbeaks and summer tanagers and all other manner of tweeting winged things. I even saw bats. You don’t realize how badly you need new glasses until you get them, I guess.


  1. A toy Train and a Cotton Region Shelter in the back yard = a weather geek with a very supportive spouse!

  2. Ha! Yes indeed, a fine and supportive spouse.

    Worth noting:

    a) When I dragged home the Cotton Region Shelter, Lissa enthusiastically built a stand for it and embraced it as a central garden feature.

    b) Lissa was the main force behind the train layout. I’m just her assistant.

  3. Toy Train … sigh. Garden railway please. So what gauge and scale is it? Is it electric or live steam? It’s hard to tell but my guess would be an LGB electric loco in gauge 1.

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