Hoover Dam from above

Hoover Dam from above, 5/25/2012

Hoover Dam from above, 5/25/2012, by John FLeck

I believe that anyone who flies in an airplane and doesn’t spend most of his time looking out the window wastes his money.

– Marc Reisner

When your vantage point spans a sufficient chunk of landscape, Hoover Dam doesn’t look so big. Is this really the right scale at which to think of it?


  1. Yesterday afternoon is my guess. It was windy and extremely dusty out. Nice shot of the Dam. Looks like plenty of water in Lake Mead from that view.

    Doesn’t it?

  2. I always try for a window seat and then I take pictures. Some features, such as the San Andreas Fault, are best viewed from above!

  3. @david I was referring to seeing it from a parallax view. Looks different from the top and from a distance. Up close a different story.

    Also, in your own analogy, there is also Fallout to be considered. The long term effects after the event. In this case 1075 feet, to be exact.

    Cheers, dg

  4. DG – Indeed, you got the day correct. Flying back from Reno via Las Vegas and guessed the correct side of the airplane.

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