Inkstain year in review

Most read this year:

  1. 736 gallons per person per day: Re Palm Springs water use, got linked on Reddit, wherein people rightly mocked my sloppy discussion of central tendencies, also exhibited poor understanding of the core issues of human water use
  2. geek humor: A 2006 joke that got a stumbledupon link of some sort
  3. chemistry cartoons: For some reason this post is a perennial favorite – middle school teacher Steve Brügge’s students’ cartoons
  4. about: My “about” page. I assume people stumbling here, thinking “WTF?”
  5. everything’s bigger in Texas: a 2007 favorite of Googlers
  6. Colorado River Basin supply and demand: This is meta – a 2010 post about the sudden spread of a Bureau of Reclamation graph showing the Colorado River supply-demand imbalance. In the post, I make a joke about the Darwinian spread of the graph. My two-year-old post making that observation has shown some fitness of its own.
  7. big-ass wings: circa 2005, “Kids with the moral fire and mischief of youth. Nothin’ like it.”
  8. hookers and blow on the Lower Colorado: In which I used bad words to good effect in a water policy post.
  9. Sacramento Delta sinking faster than sea level rising
  10. 2012: Back to draining the Colorado River’s reservoirs?

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