1. Have just discovered your blog Mr. Fleck. Who are you, saying you can’t take pictures? I like this and man, I went through that underpass many a time! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to sit down with our backs against one of these cinder block walls, knocking back a Modelo product and talk about the river some. I wish I could still be down there, but will follow along here online.

    Best to you.

    John Trotter

  2. Thanks! I suspect both of us will end up back in the delta, I wonder if it will be at the same time. I really enjoyed your HCN piece, and then found a bunch more of your delta pictures and liked ’em even more. And I would have liked the HCN stuff even without the picture of me. But dang if that isn’t the best picture anyone’s ever taken of me workin’ it.

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