1. My own observations. Page was wicked fast. I looked at the source code and was surprised on how lean the code actually was. I see that Java Script (json/Ajax) was used here. I wondered about the number of data points in the graphs and how the data was scraped? Excellent work here Dean.


  2. Thanks, Delbert

    The data for Texas, California and all the snow data is automated. Texas has an api for there water data, so it’s pretty easy to get at. For the California, data from the CDEC ,and the snow data from the USDA it was matter of getting a list of all sites and then figuring out the right query to generate reports. At the moment, data for the Bureau of Reclamation – Upper Colorado site it curated by hand, as the reports fail to load more often than not. It can take four or five tries before it loads. The folks at the Bureau are aware of the issue and have been quite helpful. The coordinates for all the sites were also curated by hand for the most part.

    Thanks again,


  3. Dean,

    You should be able to get Western Snotel data from NOAA as well. I’d start at the Salt Lake office. The USGS should be able to fill in the blanks from the Western states that you are missing. Reclamation data, as you have found, is handled by each region. You may also want to see what this site has to offer:


  4. Delbert,

    Thanks, I’ll take look. Would the USGS have the reservoir level data? I’ve taken a look at the USGS site in the past, but was never quite sure which gauge readings I’d need. If you’d like please feel free to contact me at farrelldlfarrell at gmail.com

    Thanks for all the help,


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