Friday in Boulder, I will be optimistic

So this is happening Friday afternoon in Boulder, Colo., at the annual University of Colorado Martz Summer Conference of Water Law and Policy Nerds:

I’ll talk about social capital and adaptive capacity some, and try to make it clear that I was paying attention to the rest of the conference, but mostly I’ll just fidget nervously thinking to myself, “I’m on the same panel as Justice Hobbs!”


  1. Why is it so dang expensive? Driving there and back with a rental car is cheaper than registration.

  2. Being the scientific guy that I am, Tell me how your Prius performed in the higher altitudes. Also, tell us how it went. OK?


  3. I’d buy you a beer, but I have to be in the Springs for an event the next day. Next one’s on me.



  4. Should mileage be higher or lower? It was higher – by 2-3 mpg – than my Yuma/Phoenix/Vegas trips. But differences other than elevation – stop-and-go Denver traffic (Prius excels!) and some slower back roads stuff.

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