Sally Jewell’s post-cabinet road trip is the best thing on the Internet

I always figured Sally Jewell, who until January was the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, had the best job. If you followed her on social media, you’d see her visiting cool places, hiking around, looking at stuff.

I realize being Secretary of the Interior has some hard bits, too, involving meetings and policy and big thick briefing books. But the fun side of her job looked so fun.

Turns out it was just the beginning. Since she left office in January, Jewell has been on the road, hanging out with rangers, visiting parks, and showing us all how incredibly cool our lands, those managed by Interior on behalf of the American people*, really are:


* The language here is important. They are sometimes called “federal lands”, but that misses the point. They aren’t the federal government’s. They are ours.

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