Come help solve the Rio Grande’s problems: the NM Interstate Stream Commission is hiring

A great job here, helping solve problems on the Rio Grande:

The incumbent will be responsible for independent technical and scientific engineering decisions based on the principles and methods of hydrologic/water resources analyses and evaluation. The position will required advanced technical analyses of complex hydrologic and water resource engineering issues; an in depth understanding of the history and administration of the Rio Grande Compact and the Bureau of Reclamation’s Rio Grande project. The incumbent will be responsible for managing professional service contracts in the ares of hydrogeoloygy, water quality, water use, water resources investigations, and river and reservoir operations. The position will also develop annual funding requests, and, at the request of the Legal Manager, coordinate on work plans/projects to gain a better understanding of Rio Grande Basin hydrogeology and apply those findings to determine informed, defensible, water management decisions. The position may also manage projects and professional service contracts related to river management and Endangered Species concerns in the middle Rio Grande.

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  1. Who wrote the job description? You? Or the the person at the Stream Commission that is under your tutelage?
    This comment began in jest – but hopefully turns out to be true.

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