The problems of a rising Lake Mead

The folks running Lake Mead’s marina – often a story line for folks like me writing about a declining western water supply as marina managers chase a shrinking reservoir’s shoreline – are running the opposite direction this year:

In 2003, they had to relocate the marina to the south 12 miles because the water was going down so quickly.

“We had to take the dock apart in pieces and put it back together and we had to put utilities and everything here, which we paid for too,” said Kaiser.

But now they have to deal with the higher waters, a new increasing out of the pocket expense.

“We’ve ordered in another section of walkway so hopefully we can just add walkway,” said Kaiser.



  1. In a world now that needs to eliminate all fossil fuel use, are motor boats even acceptable? Let alone driving hundreds of miles, often towing a boat, with gasoline burning motors.

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