I Miss My Students

When I emerged from my office at home after recording my first university lecture of the pandemic era, Lissa told me I’d been using my radio voice.

As a young journalist – before newspapers, before books, before my crazy new career as a university professor – I did radio. It’s been nearly forty years, but even now when I slip into a public communication mode, I drop into what Lissa calls my “radio voice”. So without thinking, sitting at a computer in my home office talking to students disembodied in both time and space, I went there.

So OK, I guess that’s the way I’ll have to think of this task. I’m doing radio.

But I still hate it.

I am super sad.

I miss my students.

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  1. You and your students can interact using Zoom, like many others do. My partner is taking a class at SFCC that is using it.

    But make sure that you get the updated Zoom software that does not send your personal information to Facebook (even if you don’t have an account) or collect everything on you from Linkedin. The company has said “Oops”, but I don’t know when a cleaner Zoom will be available. Their use of the Facebook SDK is the cause of the first info leak.

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