Planning for bad news

Thanks to Megan Kamerick and KUNM, our New Mexico public radio juggernaut, for offering the platform and leverage to help boost our message about climate change response on the Colorado River:

[N]obody’s going to sort of voluntarily raise their hand and say, ‘Yeah, we’re happy to have less.’ And so negotiating those agreements where everybody agrees to live with less and agrees on a set of numbers, or what that might look like, is really going to be the hard part. Because I’m really confident that, you know, once we come to agreement on what the allocations are going to be, we’ll learn to live with them.

We’re really adaptable.

Here’s the Fleck/Udall editorial in Science magazine that triggered Megan’s piece.


  1. Megan Kamerick covered it well. Below her article are ads for other articles by her. One looks at population growth that has an estimate of up to doubling NM Col Riv population by 2060. Why? There are already places where population is shrinking due to low birthrates. Economists and business interests complain loudly. But get over GDP and live within our planetary means. That looks to be the only chance we have. Our current way of life is not sustainable.
    Thanks to John, Brad, and Megan for helping to spread the word.
    We could use an international arbitration group to tackle the Col Riv problem and similar problems around the world.
    We could also use an international forum for finding solutions for the whole climate problem. A multi-discipline ongoing working group. What is happening now is too disjointed.

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