Rio Grande at Albuquerque, June 20, 2022

Where peaceful Rivers soft and slow
Amid the verdant Landskip flow.


My friend Mary Harner, who loves and thinks about rivers more/better than anyone I know, is in town.

We found time this morning for a walk along our shared passion, the Rio Grande. After 78 days without rain, the monsoon bloomed on Friday, and it’s been raining since.

I sat on a downed snag poking over a muddy river as we talked. I picked idly at the moist, crumbling top layer of wood.


Smelled good.

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  1. I know this exact spot well John. And turning to the south you can see the broad Rio Grande all the way to the Central Avenue Bridge about 1.5 miles distant. My wife and I and Polybius walk this trail frequently..


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