1. Very good…interesting times, indeed .
    I was born in Las Cruces…father ranched and farmed near Fairacres…migrated to Blythe, ca, now own land there and participating in the MWD set-aside program in our valley, the Palo Verde Valley, have been following your notes for a couple of years, read your book, getting sticky now. Looking forward to the californias proposal.

  2. A bill will be dropped tomorrow that established regulator planning regions and another layer bureaucracy to water plan and water rights approvals that is almost certain to generate disparate processes across the state and hamper the OSE ability to do its jobs calling for more money to hire more people to confuse water policy and is almost certain to generate more litigation. All of this to gather more data, and create more confusion. Our present system is a good system and a simple system. All the product of the Governor’s Water Task Force and the Water Advocates. They did a great job of assembling a proposed house of confusing cards. They also roped in the Environment Department and New Mexico Tech under the Water Data Act. New data is good but so is the old data and I know of no concrete efforts to rope in the old but good data.

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