The Mystery of the Chinese Junk

With the book manuscript handed off to University of New Mexico Press, and fall semester (and grading) done, I’m taking some time off.

CRWUA, or not

I’m skipping CRWUA this year. Y’all seem to be doing fine right now on Colorado River stuff, and to the extent you’re not, I don’t feel like I’ve got much to contribute. As Jack pointed out last week, the reservoirs are up. Plus they haven’t found any new Lake Mead bodies lately. Water use is down, good job y’all.

The Mystery of the Chinese Junk

Cover of the Hardy Boys book The Mystery of the Chinese junk, with the brothers at the wheel of a motorboat.

The Mystery of the Chinese Junk

I’m putting up an away message on my work email, and I’ve squirreled away a few books to pass the time.

First on my list is The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, circa 1960, by “Franklin W. Dixon”. Frank and Joe buy an old Chinese junk. Danger and excitement ensue!

I had a hard time figuring out originals and updates and stuff, but I think the one I got from the library is the original.

Other reading for the break:

  • The Power Broker, by Robert Caro. Robert Moses tries to built stuff in New York City. Danger and excitement ensue!
  • The Secret Panel, by Franklin W. Dixon. Originally published in 1946, I think I’ve got the 1969 revised version, though it’s also got a 1974 copyright date. See above re danger and excitement.
  • The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs. Jacobs confronts Moses’ rebuilding of New York City. Danger and excitement ensue!
  • The Tower Treasure, by Franklin W. Dixon. I’m confused about the dates on this one, the cover suggests a recent re-release, but text looks old-timey, but who cares, it’s a Hardy Boys mystery! Danger and excitement are sure to ensue!

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