An Inordinate Fondness for Beatles

I heard this story – I don’t know if it’s true – where a reporter asked John Lennon what his years in the music business had taught him about The Creator. Replied Lennon, “That He has an inordinate fondness for The Beatles.”


  1. To be more specific: The naturalist, J. B. S. Haldane, was asked by a cleric about what he might infer about the Creator, based on his wide ranging study of life.
    Haldane supposedly replied the the creator had “an inordinate fondness for beetles” based on the then current count of beetle species at around 400,000.

    spelled: beetles. I have no idea if the any of the Beatles knew about the quote or the factoid about the number of beetle species in the world. Funny coincidence if they didn’t, though. 😉

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