• reading: Linda Cordell’s Archaeology of the Southwest. This is one of those standards that you’re supposed to have lying around to refer to, but who actually reads these? (I am, actually. Great overview of what’s known.)
  • music: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Dick Dale doing Pipeline. Do they have waves in Texas?
  • bonus extra track: Don Ellis and his Orchestra’s Electric Bath. This is stuff I used to listen to when I was barely old enough to be in Boy Scouts. Sometimes more beats than four in a measure. Blew my little mind the first time I listened to it.
  • computers: At a meeting recently, I sat behind a guy using MindManager to take notes on his laptop. I’ve also recently been exposed to the whole “wicked problem” thinking. So lately I’ve been playing with various bits of software along these lines, including the aforementioned MindManager (very sweet, very expensive), FreeMind (fully free, both “free beer” and “free speech”), MindMap (not so expensive, not quite as sweet as MindManager) and the very interesting Compendium. Dunno if this stuff is useful, or just distracting toys.
  • phenology: The first bits of yellow are showing up on the cottonwood across the street.
  • days: Happy Venezualan Civil Servants’ Day