Greenhouse Guilt

I’ve been riding my bike to work lately when I can. I can’t always do it, because some days I need a car to go out on interviews. Herein lies my greenhouse guilt dilemma.

According to this analysis, cycling to work will cause a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions over my lifetime. While in the short run using my bike instead of a car leads to a net reduction, it also has the unexpected negative side effect of improving my health. Because I’m therefore likely to live longer, my net lifetime greenhouse gas emissions go up.

I think I have a solution. To make my cycling carbon neutral, I plan to take up smoking.


  1. John, you’re likely sucking in plenty of carbon monoxide and other fun stuffs while you’re cycling to work anyway — I bet you’re pretty carbon neutral already.

  2. The fewer PMx emitted, the fewer asthma exacerbations and there is a net positive.

    Plus, pet health is higher for bicyclists, as the stress from work is gone by the time you get home, therefore you don’t have to kick the dog to feel better. ;o)



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