cool new paper: Hainzl et al. show how rain can trigger earthquakes.

stuff I wrote elsewhere: Wave in Alaska busts up iceberg off Antarctica (no big scoop here, every science writer with an angle has been doing this story, ’cause it’s so insanely cool)

music: One of my favorite classic rock songs is Jim Hendrix’s version of Hey Joe (how many songs have their own web page?). I recently ran across another very creepy version by Patti Smith. Via the WikiPeople, we learn that Robert Mapplethorpe financed Smith’s first recording, in 1974. Hey Joe was the B side.

lights in the sky: Family gathered at Mom and Dad’s last night (they have a good view of the mountains) to see our weird light show, a two mile long line of battery-powered LED’s on the crest of the Sandias last night. Greg Peretti got a nice picture:

lights on the crest