The Giants Fans’ Clever Plot

A San Francisco Giants fan sends along this, evidence of a clever “Moneyball”-style plot to capitalize on the fact that Yankee fans are stupid enough to think Alex Rodriguez is a lousy ballplayer.


  1. I played baseball – yes, baseball – from 11 y.o. up until I was 35 and tore my rotator cuff. I might know a thing or two about baseball. I know that I would rather have Jeter on my team than A-Rod, and the vast majority of my friends who played ball say the same thing.

    Look at these postseason stats [AR DJ]. What are the numbers that matter? Why would this fan choose the numbers he did to compare, when they have different roles? Because this fan either doesn’t know the game or is trying to deceive. A-rod should have a higher SLP than Jeter, as he is paid to knock in runs. Jeter is paid to do what it takes.

    Postseason play is different: every play matters, every at-bat, what you do to overcome the pressure, the little things that relieve stress on your teammates; that Jeter play against Oakland where he tossed out the runner from the first base line – that was a momentum-turner right there. Oakland was defeated on that play, and Jeter makes those kinds of plays a lot.



  2. D –

    I didn’t realize you were a Giant fan too. You guys are clever. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

  3. see, Dano may have lived in the BA once, but now he’s up in Seattle and hoping the M’s get him. I’m still a Giants fan despite living in a bunch of other major league cities in the past few years (seeing the G’s play at Yankee Stadium in 2002 was great — I was sitting right above home plate in the top deck). I’d take either, but realizing that Jeter ain’t going anywhere, A-Rod would be just fine.

  4. I prefer the A’s, gents, but I was born in Detroit (so A’s fan on hold for a while). And the M’s…ahem.

    But I don’t think the Giants should pay for A-rod, unless if’n they can get a sale price and use the difference to develop some farm team pitching (like, oh, in Alameda). They could dump sainted tainted Barry and use that money to buy some pitching too.




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