Little Help Please?

If some of my friends from the UK and its former extened empire could help me a bit, please, I’m befuddled by this, which is apparently a feat of some significance, but which completely baffles me:

B Manoj Kumar and Mohammed Shaibaaz Tumbi, opening for St Peter’s School in Hyderabad, rattled off 721 runs in just 40 overs, thereby putting several records in the shade. “It’s good to see that the boys were hungry to score big,” Kambli told Cricinfo. “They seem to have been told about the record and how to get there, but they deserve all the credit. We created our record in the late ’80s and it stood for so long. Sri Lanka’s two batsmen [Jayawardene and Sangakkara] came close but couldn’t get it.”


  1. Well now. There are 6 balls in an over, and you can get at most 6 per ball (4 for a boundary; 6 for a boundary that doesn’t bounce). So 721/40 = 18 per over = 3 per ball. Maybe it was a short boundary…

  2. 103 fours between them, and not a single six.

    Seeing as the opposition were bowled out for 21, I wonder just how evenly matched the two teams were?

  3. After reading the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th comments, I can only say: ‘what Michele said’. Which may be John’s point.



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