The Moon Landing and Climate Change

John Quiggin threw down the gauntlet last week:

Although both global warming denialists and moon landing denialists routinely accuse NASA scientists of fraud, the two groups appear not to have made common cause as yet (Please correct me if I’m wrong).

Were that it were so, John. From someone called “gren” over at something called the “Justice Awareness and Basic Support” forum:

It is universally known that man has never set foot on the moon. For those that want to begin to learn the truth about that little lie then try and the samples for starters. The astronauts could never have survived exposure to the radiation belts. Yet climate change hype might well mirror the moon landing hoax. Our earth has been warming up since the 1600’s , holes appear in the ozone layer as a matter of cycle during winter. The polar ice caps on Mars are melting and so begs the question whether this is a solar thingummy type scientific whatsit. Let’s load tony blair into a rocket and send him to Mars to probe the martians into why they are driving too much, spraying too many aerosols and overpopulating their patch.


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