Who’s Rumsfeld?

From today’s New York Times, a story about a Marine patrol, occupying an Iraqi home as an observation outpost, and getting news of the election fallout from their “host”:

Now they were being told by an Iraqi whose house they occupied that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, one of the principal architects of the policies that had them here, had resigned. “Rumsfeld is gone?” the sergeant asked. “Really?”

Mr. Menti nodded. “This is better for Iraq,” he said. “Iraqi people say thank you.”

The sergeant went upstairs to tell his marines, just as he had informed them the day before that the Republican Party had lost control of the House of Representatives and that Congress was in the midst of sweeping change. Mr. Menti had told them that, too.

“Rumsfeld’s out,” he said to five marines sprawled with rifles on the cold floor.

Lance Cpl. James L. Davis Jr. looked up from his cigarette. “Who’s Rumsfeld?” he asked.


  1. rumsfeld – a day late and a dollar short. I wonder what a resignation with 7 days until the election would have done? would the D’s still have kicked R’s %^&*’s or could the R’s maybe keep enough seats to hold a razor-thin majority in one or both chambers?

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