Sporting Figure Attends State Dinner

As we here in Albuquerque prepare to lament the loss of our beloved Albuquerque Tribune, let us raise a glass in toast to one of the Trib’s most accomplished graduates, Hank Stuever, who last night had the distinct privilege and high honor of covering the visit by some French guy to the White House for dinner:

Other guests on the list: Condi, Doro, Dick; Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer; in-laws-to-be John and Margaret Hager; Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.); the newly former New York Mets pitcher Tom Glavine; and corporate bigs from American Express, FedEx, the Las Vegas Sands Hotel chain, Public Storage and IBM.

Tom Glavine? Huh?

Go read the whole thing. It’s hilarious. Hank, we love ya.