My Darkest Secret

At the risk of tarnishing whatever green cred I might possess, a confession: I have always wanted a riding mower. I sit in them when I’m in the garden department at Home Depot, making brrmm brrmm noises under my breath. I imagine myself king of my domain as I ride the mower this way and that.

But really. Can I justify the environmental degradation that would accompany such a decadent, wasteful thing? Which is why I was so excited to learn of this remarkable invention:

EnviroGard’s “Low Polluting Lawn Mower” meets all current and future emission requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. There is up to a 60% reduction in smog forming emissions and 80% reduction in toxic emissions compared with diesel and gasoline fuel.

Besides the huge advantages of lower emissions, Propane is on average 30% less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels. The savings are increased with no spillage, theft, or contamination concerns that occur with other fuels. This is real savings in your pocket! The cost of a conversion utilizing our certified conversion kits will pay for itself in about 6–12 months.

Now all I need is a lawn.


  1. But wasn’t it on this blog that I learned that lawns in and of themselves, because of water consumption, are evil? You’re the one who taught me the word “xeriscape!”

    Sadly I have not yet had the occasion to use it in scrabble, but I try every time I play.

  2. I suspect you’ve read it already, John, but I link >to this as a reminder. And the Aurora guys are big names around these here parts as we try to implement what they did to conserve water.



    vooden! vooden!

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