Energy Independence

When we talk about energy independence here in the United States, there’s a sort of tribal subtext. We don’t want to be dependent on them for our critical energy needs. Listening to a Platts’ podcast today about pipeline production south from Canada made me wonder whether them in our collective mind includes Canada.

I don’t know about you, but personally I am terrified of the potential cultural hegemony of Bachman Turner Overdrive and Mike Meyers.

Some data

update: In the comments, a helpful reader (thanks, Kelsey!) points out there’s a t-shirt to go with this:


  1. Can someone please clarify the macroeconomic effect of subsidies in long term energy production. For instance, solar energy in Germany is mostly paid for by the German government through the use of subsidies. Without the subsidies, according to today’s NYT, the ‘industry’ would disappear.

    When do subsidies create a long term viable industry and when do they create press releases for legislators but no viable industry?


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