Happy Roswell Day

Happy 61st anniversary of nothing terribly interesting happening down in the deserts of southeastern New Mexico, and let me take this opportunity to reprise one of my all time greatest hits: Roswell Myths Crash Into Reality:

In conventional historical research or journalistic exposé, says Brandeis University anthropologist Benson Saler, successive investigations fill in details and amplify previous work.
“Key elements in the early stories are not usually contradicted in later stories, but more details are filled in as each story emerges,” Saler and Brandeis colleague Charles Ziegler wrote in a new Roswell book co-authored with New Mexico scientist Charles Moore. “The Roswell story does not display this pattern.”
Each successive account of the Roswell Incident by UFO researchers contradicts the previous as the storytellers battle for control of the tale.
There is divergence, not convergence.

RIP Karl Pflock

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  1. I would like to say that I am officially tired of Roswell, New Mexico. Do they have a chamber of commerce? Who do I complain to?

    I am most tired of Roswell’s little alien myth appearing in otherwise good movies. I suppose those complaints can go to Hollywood.

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