I’m obviously no Malcolm Gladwell, but I’m a journalist too, and this very much captures how I feel about what I do:

“I spend my time talking to people who tell me things, and then I write them down,” he says. “I’m necessarily parasitic in a way.” He pauses, as if to consider whether he’s protesting too much. “I have done well as a parasite,” he goes on. “But I’m still a parasite.”

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  1. You’re not parasitic. You’re symbiotic. Parasites exploit their hosts. Symbiota return benefits to their companions. Everyone you interview wants to share info with others and you aid them in that. Still, if you want to stay with a humbling analogy, consider yourself the flora found in the large intestine. We derive great benefit from it, but seldom give it the respect it deserves. peace, mjh

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