I’m headed to Copenhagen next week for a journalism workshop. While the workshop will fill most of my time there, I’ve scheduled a few extra days to play.


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  1. I love Copenhagen. Enjoy! Definitely take one day and go to Malmö and look around and marvel, and drive north to the fjords. When I lived in Yurp, you had to take the hovercraft over, so the drive should be pleasant now.

    The rest of the time should be easily spent enjoying this city, which is marvelous in summer. Marvelous. Wonderful. Great time to go, almost as good as mid-spring. If there is a concert outside with jazz (esp a name you recognize), spend the money and go.

    Take a tour of the Carlsberg or Tuborg breweries. Walk for hours and enjoy the architecture and the mood and the layout and how nice a city it is. Eat stuff. Go for it. Drink some Carlsberg Black Gold. Ask the locals stuff and let them take you somewhere or make a suggestion. Escape in the moment and don’t keep your normal hesitations or qualms. Let the folks lead you and show you.

    Go NW to ~Aalborg direction out to the farms and drive around and enjoy the blue, blue, blue, blue skies and fresh air, and go to the coast and try to see the windmills. Move around on public transit in town and marvel how wonderful it is for any destination in the city you choose. Hamburg is very nice this time of year.

    Make sure you take plenty of pix to share in October, John.



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