Best training run ever?

My friend Jaime Dispenza, a triathlon coach, was out for a training run recently, when… I’ll let him describe it:

After my second of four intervals I approached the river and there standing in ankle deep water was a couple holding hands. OK, no biggie I have seen this before. Then I noticed there was a woman in a dress, holding a book and then it clicked, they were getting married. It truly was a beautiful setting with the cottonwood trees providing the shade and the rustling leaves a light background of noise.

I turned my iPod back on and continued to run hoping not to break their magical moment in the river. As soon as they saw me, they called me over because they needed another witness for the marriage and also another signature on the wedding license. Before I knew it they had me take off my shoes, socks and get into the water with them for the rest of the ceremony.

Best training run ever?


  1. While I can’t definitively say with certainty that it absolutely IS the best training run ever, for the life of me I can’t come up with plausible scenarios that top it. Oh, sure: aliens timed me to the nanosecond and did blood work afterward comes to mind. But plausible scenarios?




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