My water policy nightmare

I had a really scary dream this morning. My memory is vague, but I was somehow involved in making decisions about how to allocate the water in a big river among various users. But we didn’t have good data on how much water the river actually held.



  1. You don’t want that dream to come true. That would mean you are a public servant. With plenty of penny wise, pound foolish idiots out there wanting to fire you and take your budget.



  2. It gets worse. Even the US geological survey does not know how much water is in the river and they can’t get funding from Congress to find out how much water is in the river.

  3. John: Scary dream? Perhaps it was due to an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato…

    Dano: You are correct. I’m wondering just exactly how governmental cuts will play out in the next 18 months. Typically, government downsizes using attrition as the method. The term I’ve heard is called ‘right sizing’.

    Eric: USGS monitors inflows into the river at key points. The actual record of flow is published once a year. Accuracy is never 100% due to several factors. Monitoring distribution of the river is another matter.

    Chris: Good point. However you forgot Mexico. Better raise the number to 16.5maf.


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